Family members and Communities out of Internet sites Memes: The connection Anywhere between Cohesiveness, Uniqueness, and you can Quiddity Concreteness

Family members and Communities out of Internet sites Memes: The connection Anywhere between Cohesiveness, Uniqueness, and you can Quiddity Concreteness

Elad Segev, Asaf Nissenbaum, Nathan Stolero, Limor Shifman, Family and you can Channels away from Internet Memes: The partnership Anywhere between Cohesiveness, Uniqueness, and you can Quiddity Concreteness, Journal from Pc-Mediated Correspondence, Regularity 20, Matter cuatro, , Users 417–433,


This research makes use of a big-size quantitative analysis to reveal structural patterns from websites memes, targeting 2 forces you to join them with her: brand new quiddities of each and every meme family relations together with simple attributes of the latest wide memetic fields. Playing with blogs and you will system research out of 1013 meme hours (as well as films, photographs, and you will text), i speak about memes’ common quiddity sizes and simple has actually, plus the ways it connect with one another. Our findings reveal that (a) large cohesiveness out of meme family members are of the an increased uniqueness of the universal attributes; and (b) the brand new concreteness out of meme quiddities was from the cohesiveness and you will uniqueness. I discuss the effects of those results on the comprehension of internet memes and you may participatory people.

Internet sites memes, pieces of electronic stuff one to give around the net in different iterations, features recently started scholarly appeal across numerous fields ( Bennett Segerberg, 2012; Milner, 2012; Shifman, 2013). While most training need an effective qualitative method of examining the social concept of memes, in the pursuing the post we use highest-size decimal analysis to reveal specific statutes and regularities underpinning it evidently disorderly areas. Memes are a part of the fresh painful “web diet” of many Online users, casually popping up in visits in order to systems such as Youtube, Facebook, and Reddit. The memetic hongkongcupid-app vibrant are away from are superficial. They want different pages around the world to execute in the concert, performing and releasing content from inside the multiple distinctions with each other divergent systems, while maintaining its affinity and preferred properties.

Which papers is aimed at shedding white about how Sites memes will still be fastened with her even with their dynamic and you will playful contexts out of articulation. In its first region we place the back ground for our journey of the highlighting the strain between your options that come with individual meme era, meme parents, and entire memetic network. I establish sites memes due to the fact groups of digital textual products authored and you will given by of several participants, that are bound with her by the a few forces: (a) a shared quiddity that’s specific to each and every relatives, constituting the singular substance; and (b) more general characteristics out-of mode, articles, and you will stance one mark into the conventions of the “meme culture.” Strengthening on this subject abstract differences, we present in the next region the fresh seeks at the rear of this study: to provide a summary and you will data of one’s common quiddities and you can general features of web sites memes and investigation the fresh new contacts ranging from him or her. Particularly, we wish to look at the connection involving the cohesiveness regarding meme family (we.e., the fresh extent that era are similar to both), the newest individuality of your own universal services underpinning her or him, in addition to concreteness of your own quiddities joining him or her. To address such desires, i working stuff studies towards a wide decide to try away from meme occasions, upcoming extra analytical and community data. On the finishing part, we talk about just how the analysis, in accordance with the theoretic difference in quiddities and you will standard services, falls out white for the dualities off “networked selves” constituting modern-day digital societies.

Meme Family members and you will Binding Quiddities

The phrase meme is actually created by the Richard Dawkins about Self-centered Gene ( 1976) to explain brief tools out-of community you to bequeath regarding individual people by duplicating or simulation. Based on so it first conceptualization, memes can be conceptual details, messages or techniques. Memetic diffusion is dependant on a mixture of repetition and you may adaptation: Because capacity to reproduce memes in different contexts is actually standard to their achievements, re-manufacturing should be versatile adequate to adapt to modifying factors. Which county regarding flux causes a tendency to determine memes just retrospectively, after they provides propagated. Thus, for example, the initial five cards from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony had been identified as an effective meme just when they traveled to several areas of the new world and you may were included inside a wide array of social artifacts spanning advertising, children’s programming, and you may movies ( Blackmore, 1999).